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THE POLY - Problem

Zombie Dope - The Polypharma Problem

While the U.S. government recognizes the suicide epidemic, and is working to reduce the opioid crisis, it fails to embrace plant-based medicine as the missing link to veteran suicide.

THE PROBLEM: Advancements in body armor, battlefield medicine, and combat evacuations have led to a dramatic increase in survival among the injured returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. These advances in combat medicine have led to a significant number of military members returning with polytrauma.

"They had a lot of wounded and nobody prepared for that many wounded. So, we got a lot of drugs -- We got a LOT of Drugs" - Source: Boone Cutler, Unprescribed (2020)

THE ANSWER: Introduce plant-based medicine into the holistic equation -- AKA Integrative Medicine and the endocannabinoid system - "The Missing Link."

OUR APPROACH: Education and outreach through media and audience engagement.

OUR VEHICLE: Unprescribed - a self-funded independent documentary that gets to the heart of the matter and offers a viable solution for treating trauma and preventing suicidal ideations. Amid the opioid and suicide epidemics, increasing numbers of veterans are turning to cannabis as a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals. Unprescribed reveals a history of prohibition steeped in racism and political motivation.

OUR MISSION OBJECTIVES: Critics and audiences agree, "The documentary Unprescribed makes a cogent, thorough and sensitive argument for medical marijuana use, especially for traumatized veterans" - Lauren King. Building off of this our goal is to produce a 2-season docuseries about military trauma, PTSD, and veteran suicide. Each episode will feature a specific individual, cause or effort that have overcome life altering events and their respective journeys of healing. A portion of funds raised for each episode will go to an associated charity. i.e. Homeless Veterans, Women & Minority Veterans, Veteran Suicide, etc.

Unprescribed is free to watch exclusively on Prime Video.


  • Says:
    February 28, 2014 at 9:55 am

    The beautiful, incredible Mama Lutz❤️

  • Says:
    February 27, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Watched it, shared with my family. I feel it, I’m with them, I was prescribed the same meds. I’m making my changes. Thank for you sharing.


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